Will I have to pay anything up front?

No – my firm will represent you on a contingency basis, which means that you will not have to pay legal fees unless there is a settlement or verdict in your favor.

This is a common tactic employed by insurance companies, and many people are very frustrated when insurance companies deny their meritorious claims. The good news is that you do not have to accept their denial as a final answer. I have had many clients whose claims were initially denied, only for that client to receive a favorable settlement or verdict later on.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Many insurance companies will send unrepresented individuals a lowball offer, hoping that the person will take the money instead of holding out for what they deserve. At a minimum, it makes sense to consult with an attorney before accepting any offers.

Yes – eventually. This is often a complex issue, and how medical bills are ultimately resolved depends on issues including the status of a person’s health insurance coverage, whether doctors will accept the person’s health insurance, and whether medical payments coverage is available through an applicable auto insurance policy. At a minimum, the goal for each case should be to make sure that the person’s out of pocket costs are covered in the final settlement.

No – a personal injury settlement is full and final. In general, it is best to wait on a possible settlement until there has been a full accounting of the extent of your injuries by medical professionals. This will help you get the best possible result.

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