Dram Shop

When a bar, restaurant, nightclub, or liquor store overserves a customer, it can lead to a motor vehicle accident (or other negligent acts).  Connecticut has a “Dram Shop” law that allows victims of these negligent acts to hold these establishments accountable for inappropriate service of alcohol.  

Pursuant to Connecticut’s dram shop law, a victim of a drunk driving accident, bar fight or other alcohol-related incident can file suit against both the person who caused the injuries as well as the establishment that served alcoholic beverages to the intoxicated person.  Connecticut law provides that it is illegal to serve an intoxicated person, and restaurant employees who serve alcohol should be appropriately trained to determine when a person should no longer be served.


In Connecticut, a party that serves alcohol to a minor can be held liable for negligent acts committed by that minor resulting from the consumption of alcohol.  

Statute of Limitations

In Connecticut, Dram shop lawsuits are governed by a one year statute of limitations.  Additionally, victims must provide the person or business they are suing notice of the lawsuit within 120 days of its filing.